Hi, I’m Shona

Business Breakthrough Coach

My passion is to use all the tools at my disposal, to help you to figure out what “success” looks like for you, get super clear on what your vision for your future and your business is, and how to get over the stuff that seems to be holding you back. I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to working with people, and want to help you figure out what’s most important to you – what matters most to you – and how to get that in a way that serves you personally – that is customized to YOU.  Because there is no one quite like you.  You are unique, with unique needs and desires, and can use and implement the universal principles and ways of working to you.

I’m help you get out of your own way (when you need to) to help you see the next step for you, and feel like you’re actually making progress and not just camping out in dream-land. I want to help you achieve your goals.

When you invest in yourself and work with me, you can feel good in the knowledge that you are making a contribution to the social issues on our planet because a percentage of all profits that come from the products and services sold here go to charities.

Here’s one example of how we’ll work together.

Step One: Get Crystal Clear on where you’re headed.

Step Two: Strategy: Create a solid plan for how you plan to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Step Three:  Uncover any potential hidden challenges that may be stopping you from reaching your goal.

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shona sharma

This website is really all about you.

How I can support you as a coach and trainer.

To find the answers you are looking for.

Ultimately, I believe that you have the answers inside of You already.

All you *may* need is to create a little space ………… and maybe permission (from yourself) to really listen to that still small voice inside you, and to take action on what you know to be the right path for you.

I can’t wait to have that conversation with you, to help you discover your next best step.

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Really... this website and the tools in it, are all about you!

If you have any questions, thoughts, comments, topics you’d like me to cover on this blog, or maybe you just want to share your favourite blog, tool, book, recipe or resource with me, please write me at: care @ shonasharma . com

Shona xox

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