American state, or productivity tip for acronym lovers?

Ever heard of OHIO?

Do you love being organized and productive?

Are you fond of acronyms?

Then read on!

You’ve probably heard of Ohio, the gorgeous state in America, (if you’re from Ohio, or live in Ohio, drop me a line.)

Today I’m talking about the OHIO principle.

As not everybody I’ve spoken to has heard of this principle, I thought I’d write about it on the blog.

I’m not into “hacking everything” as I don’t believe everything can or should be “hacked”; nor do I believe *everything* should be turned into an acronym either. You know what it feels like to have A.O…. don’t you? Acronym Overload?!

But every once in awhile, a really useful acronym introduces itself, one that is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue like a good vintage.

Like this one: OHIO.

Only Handle It Once.

I’m not sure who originally came up with this one, (if you do, let me know in the comments below)

This principle shouldn’t be oversimplified, canonized, or dismissed, because as with every ‘rule’ there are always exceptions.

As with any and all of the hints, tips, strategies and tools I offer on this site and in my courses, you are the boss of you, and you get to choose when and where to use tactic offered to your best advantage.

So, the Only Handle IOnce principle is for you, if you feel like you get easily distracted when trying to tick off your to do list. (did someone say squirrel?!)

And who could blame you?…. not me. With so many competing priorities in our environment these days eagerly vying for our attention, it is easy to lose track of our focus and attention and get pulled into other pursuits that seem to be more urgent than the task you have in front of you.

You’ll know this if you feel like you’re constantly fighting fires all day, (metaphorically speaking) and yet not feeling like you got anything done. Unless you really are a firefighter of course.

So, the main idea of OHIO as I understand it is to stop avoiding simple tasks that easily pile up and create clutter in your life and just deal with them then and there.

Instead of having millions of search engine tabs open on your computer at one time (go ahead and check to see how many you’ve got open right now….) focus on doing one thing at a time.

Instead of wasting time and energy moving one task to another pile, and creating to do list upon to do list, and then adding “merge to do lists” on your to do list… (ever done that?!), simply stick with and focus on one task at a time – to completion.

Easier said than done, right?  Don’t believe in single-tasking?

The scientific evidence has been mounting for quite some time that multitasking uses up a lot more of our energy, time, attention than simply doing one thing at a time, and boosts our chances of actually getting things done, which means more ticks, tasks completed for you, greater results, and the pure feeling of contentment that comes from a job well done.

This is just one of the 70+ practical tools I teach in my online and live courses, which are jam packed full of powerful scientifically supported principles to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Want to give single-tasking a ‘go’?

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I’d like to invite you to ask yourself: How much more could I accomplish, if I used the OHIO principle and only focused on one thing at a time today?


What is *one* thing I could do today to move my project forward?


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