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I didn’t expect it…. Monday night my husband and I went to see this film at the cinema… On The Basis of Sex starring Felicity Jones (amazing!) and Armie Hammer, and what I did expect was to go with the intention of bearing witness to the story of women in society… our story… of how women’s lives have changed over the days, weeks, months, decades, years and even centuries.   I expected to feel angry at injustice, riled up and inspired to do something good, and to contribute to creating a more equal and fairer society in any way that I can.


What I did not expect was that I would be soo moved by the film… moved to tears even (which caught me by surprise) as I felt this deep deep sense of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness.  You might be wondering why I felt gratitude and appreciation in a film portraying a battle of wills, huge resistance and confrontation between the men and women… Well, I realised that Ruth Bader Ginsburg #RBG #RuthRocks #RuthBaderGinsburgIsALegend is the real woman behind this incredible story, and I was blown away.


Blown away and awe-struck that this incredible woman managed to create such positive social change – that I and we all now benefit from! This happened in our lifetime! The current Associate Justice of the Supreme Court is still in Office and was first appointed in 1993 – when I was 11 years old! Ruth Ginsburg made history. This wasn’t some old story of injustice and much-needed-change from an old history textbook, this amazing story is about a real-life walking talking heroine of ours – Ms. Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a walking talking legend.


I’m so grateful that Ms. Ginsburg made all the choices she did… it couldn’t have been easy!  Choices to listen to her inner voice, to listen to what her intuition was telling her, choices to speak up, to say something difficult, to stand up for what she believed in, to be willing to have a difficult conversation, to even go against the grain, to be different, to be willing to stand out… and be noticed… and heard and seen… at a time when that wasn’t the norm.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg made choices to be willing to fight for a cause she believed in with all her heart, and to challenge and change the status quo on so many levels, despite huge opposition and resistance at the time. Choices probably to work fearlessly, and more tirelessly than anyone else around her for desires that on paper looked like a lost cause.  What a woman!


And this wasn’t a ‘fight for a cause’ scenario which was a barney, or a fist-fight… Ruth Bader Ginsburg used her smarts, her intelligence, her wits, her vision, her relationships, her desire, her charm, her passion, her speech, her intellect and her knowledge of the law to try to make things better.  She followed her heart.  She did what she believed to be true – even at the risk of offending others.   This is the kind of fight that was fought with dignity, style and grace. With composure, class and poise.


I wonder how our world could change and improve if we could all take this approach to ‘fighting’ for our rights and our desires…. even just a little bit?


This story is even more relevant and important considering that fact that March is Women’s History Month, and the 8th March is International Women’s Day, where we all get to celebrate womanhood, what it means to be a woman in our day and age. And Mother’s Day is also celebrated during the month of March. It’s a chance and an opportunity for us to honour the women who have gone before us and stepped up into these amazing leadership roles, (or as in Ms. Ginsburg’s case – created her leadership role!) and pave the way to create a better world, and a better future for generations to come, for us and our children.


We get to celebrate Women who are actively creating positive change in our society for us today, like Ms. Ginsburg, and also imagine and perhaps even re-imagine what it means to be a woman, or identify as feminine, in this day and age.


I can only imagine how much *courage* *bravery* and *belief* Ms. Ginsburg must have had to be willing to make waves in her community, marriage, family, college and career. And I am grateful that Ruth Bader Ginsburg and women all around the world like her, have chosen to use their strength, their power, their passion, their devotion, their commitment, their willpower, their assertiveness, their hearts, their voices, their insight wit, compassion, vision, hope, wisdom and foresight to *contribute to creating a world that didn’t yet exist.*


That’s why I am SO passionate about what I do.  In my work with women and men, we work to overcome and clear their real blocks that show up for them in the form of fear. Blocks to them using their in-built gifts. I help men and women see honour and release any and all limiting fears, limiting beliefs and blocks to them showing up fully as their alive passionate and unique selves.


We all have experienced these blocks, hesitations and fears at some point in our lives.  Blocks to being seen, to being heard, witnessed and validated for who we really are.  Blocks to truly feeling safe inside and out. Blocks to truly listening to our own intuition and inner still small voice.  Blocks to setting big and even outrageous goals for ourselves because we’re afraid of failing so instead we choose to play it safe and only set ‘small achievable goals’ where there is no risk of failure or success.  Does any of this sound familiar?


Have you ever felt such fear and resistance to taking action but you just can’t explain it, or you don’t even know why you have it? Fear doesn’t always make logical sense but it certainly can stop you from achieving your goals. Goals like picking up the phone to make sales calls or ask for the sale. Goals like increasing or doubling your income in the next year. Goals like being assertive and setting healthy appropriate boundaries in your relationships instead of staying stuck in resentment.  Goals like showing up with Confidence and enthusiasm instead of hiding in fear of what people will say.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I can help.  If we are going to dream big dreams and set big goals like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that’s going to require us to show up in a different way, and be more of ourselves, more of our best selves consistently.


I’d love to hear from you.  Have you seen the film? What was your experience? Who inspires or has inspired you?  Do you have suggestions and recommendations for similarly inspiring films, books, dvds, songs?

Post them in the comments below. Thank you. ♥

Till next time.

Talk soon,

Shona xx


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