You Don’t Have To Do This Alone.

The Only Constant in life Is Change

Heraclitus, a Greek Philosopher wisely noted that “The Only Constant in Life, is Change”. c. 535 BCE


It has been said that “Change is the only constant in life”. It’s true. The pace of change has been speeding up in every area of our lives for decades and centuries now, and it does not show any signs of slowing down or stopping. In fact, the pace of change in our modern lives is predicted to increase rapidly and exponentially in our lifetime.

Are you aware of how you cope with change?

Some changes WE initiate. We decide, we choose. Changes like choosing to start, uplevel or end a relationship. Changes like starting or maintaining a new healthy habit (or stopping a bad one for that matter.) Or, we might choose to change careers, go for that dream job or promotion, start a business, or learn a new skill so that we can create and offer more value to the world to solve an important problem.

Other changes feel thrusted on us. Maybe you get an unexpected health diagnosis which causes you to urgently feel the painful need to change, improve and uplevel your health now. Maybe you’ve simply been suffering with a health issue that you desperately want to change and feel improved quality of life. Maybe someone you love dies or gets hurt or ends up in a serious accident. Maybe you’re in an accident which causes you to change the way you’ve been living. Perhaps you get fired from your job, or your company goes through changes which causes uncertainty and feelings of insecurity over what is going to happen to your career. Or perhaps business isn’t going well and you’re living in deep financial stress, worry and anxiety about filing bankruptcy. Or perhaps you’re simply living in fear and terror of the next potential economic crisis that may befall the country you’re living in.

Either way…. regardless of whether we initiate change in our lives or whether we feel that the change happening around us and to us, in our environment is forced on us, changes we never wanted or chose, change is an inevitable and unavoidable part of life.

Some people do manage to successfully live in avoidance and denial for as long as they can to avoid making uncomfortable changes… or to avoid having to deal with changes in their lives. (have that uncomfortable difficult conversation you’ve been meaning to have…. go to the doctor and have that lump or sore spot seen to… take the leap and apply for that job…) And then at some point, all their avoidance, denial comes crashing through and finally they are forced to deal with the things they have been avoiding for so long. With the resulting ensuing feelings of overwhelm, frustration, negativity, judgement and regret… wishing they had had the awareness and courage to address issues sooner.

Even if you choose to make certain changes… change can be incredibly difficult – even self-authorised changes. Ever wanted to change, or decided you’re going to change something or improve an area of your life…..? Only to discover a short while later you’re seriously struggling to follow through on your choices and make these changes last and stick? And even worse than that… you feel YOU are your worst enemy in this moment, because the things “stopping” you from taking action and moving forward and making this change … resisting you and sabotaging your bold efforts for improvement… is none other than, YOU! Which leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed, sad, confused, annoyed and angry at yourself! Judging yourself for not making the changes, not following through and not doing what you said you were committed to doing no matter what! Can you relate? Ever been in this situation? These judgements and negative interpretations don’t serve you or motivate you to keep going and actually achieve your goals.

On the other hand, if you feel you’ve been thrown into a maelstrom into the epicentre of unwanted, unavoidable changes that you seem to have no control, choice or power over…. somebody leaves, there’s a death, somebody hires someone else or your colleague gets the promotion you’ve been gunning for (sneaking behind your back whilst wishing you well and not mentioning that they’ve applied for the same job you told them you were applying for!), a burglary, an assault, a separation, a divorce, a threat to your safety well-being; or you get sick, hijacked, or have an accident. Perhaps you’re homeless or you’ve been threatened with eviction or homelessness by a landlord. Perhaps you’re experiencing bullying, intimidation or abuse from a friend, coworker, or family member. And you’re struggling to know how to deal with it. Perhaps you feel unsafe in the neighbourhood where you live, or the place where you work. Maybe someone you love gets seriously ill forcing you to jump in and take more responsibility, and more of a care-taking role because you’re the only one that seems to be able to, and its an emergency and crisis and you are called on to help solve this problem, creating extra demands and pressure on you, your time, your career, money and family. Have you ever felt burdened like this before? Like you have the whole world on your shoulders?

Any one of these externally imposed changes can leave us feeling like we’ve been catapulted into the eye of the storm…. feeling weak, helpless, powerless, out of control, disempowered, in pain, lonely and alone; feeling drained, tired, exhausted, pressured, stressed, and even at our wits end – even with people we love most. Have you ever been in this scenario? Have you seen this happening to other people in your life? What happens to YOUR self-care in this instance? Or theirs? Usually what happens, is that all sense of self-care (even basic self-care) goes out the window… and people put themselves, their needs, their exquisite self-care at the very bottom of a long priority list… if at all. Creating another vicious cycle of fatigue, exhaustion, overwhelm, depletion and resentment. Leaving everybody feeling stuck and exhausted – and too tired and demotivated to make any improvements. Have you ever felt like this before?

If so – you are NOT ALONE.

Thank goodness… there is another way! The good news is… you do not have to do this alone.

More good news: there are tons of excellent, effective, scientific, proven strategies, resources, tools, tips and techniques that can support you to cope with change in way that actually leaves you feeling stronger, better, fitter, healthier, more resilient, more confident, more proud of yourself, and more empowered than before implementing the change. Imagine that? Imagine experiencing life with all these external changes you are going through and actually feeling like you’ve mastered this level of life? Its possible.

I once heard a mentor say, “nobody NEEDS” a coach. Some people, however, *choose* to get the professional help and support in order to successfully create the changes in their life they want to feel and experience.

Some people *want* coaching to help them achieve their biggest goals, help them bring their biggest visions and dreams to life; to hold them accountable for taking action, help them face challenges, feel heard, seen, and understood; believe in them when they struggle with doubt and fears, give them the competitive edge in performance, and take a stand for them so that they don’t succumb to the blocks, fears and limiting beliefs holding them back … that may kept them stuck in the first place; or keep them from falling back into old patterns that no longer serve them.

I’ll repeat – the truth is – you don’t have to do this alone.

You don’t have to lie in bed awake at night worrying about tomorrow, or feel stuck, isolated, lonely and alone or even paralysed thinking you have to figure this all out by yourself. Talk to someone. Anyone. (Preferably someone who can hold space for you without judgement or hidden agendas)

There is nothing worse than going through understandably difficult changes (self-imposed or otherwise) alone. There is no need to suffer.

Haruki Murakami said, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

There is no need to face the understandable normal fear and terror of making changes in your life alone. There is no need to face the fear of stepping out boldly to take new courageous actions alone. Isolation kills. We are wired for connection and relationship.

Millions of people around the world have been able to make positive changes to their health, relationships and financial security in a way that minimises pain and suffering, in a way that eases the stress of the transition and change they’re experiencing… so they feel more ease, the change happens faster, with less time and energy being stuck in a sense of limitless limbo – experiencing your own negative wormhole of confusion and fear. They have successfully implemented these changes by getting the support they needed.

Why not get support from another compassionate honest human being who can help you transition through these changes faster, easier and better than you could by yourself?

There is no nobility in struggling alone in pain. You don't get extra karmic bonus points for suffering alone in silence. Reach out and talk to someone who is non-judgemental. Get support for changes you're going through. You don't have to do it alone!Click To Tweet

When you learned to drive – you hired a coach. When you learned a skill – you hired a teacher or a mentor. When you feel sick, you get support whether that is from your local GP, or the hospital or some qualified medical expert. Why not speak to a Professional Coach who is skilled at mentoring and guiding people to not only cope with change, but to thrive in the change.

If You would like to explore what it might be like to go through or make intentional change in your life like a pro… with more ease, efficiency, support and flow, and with less struggle, stuckness, frustration and overwhelm, then I’d like to offer you a complimentary, no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with me, where we’ll spend time talking about you. Who you are, what you want, and what you want to achieve.

There’s nothing to lose here. You’re only going to win. You’ll be creating another option, opportunity and possibility for yourself.

If this is something that would be helpful and useful to you, something you would like, I invite you to book your complimentary conversation with me here:

This no-risk, no-obligation, complimentary conversation will give us the opportunity to explore what is going on for you, and what you need to create the change(s) you want, and how to make them last.

You will have the opportunity to experience what it feels, looks and sounds like, to have real, non-judgemental, professional, safe support in a confidential space, where you are free to explore anything you want.

If I can help you, and we decide to work together, great. If not, that’s fine too. Either way, you will walk away feeling resourced and supported and clear on your next step, knowing you’re doing everything in your power to give yourself the best chance of succeeding.



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